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Shorte st payment proof. Review: Adfly or Shorte. What is and how it works. Shorten links URL in Twitter, Facebook, Google and your blog / website.

Shorte st payment proof. Review: Adfly or Shorte. What is and how it works.

Shorte st, What is?

Shorte st is a service of shortening of links (URL) of Poland. The website is available in English, Spanish and Russian and pay for international traffic in 223 countries. As a user, you can monetize your external links shortening a URL.

Whenever a user clicks on your link, it is redirected to an intermediate page with an advertisement. After five seconds the user can click the button in the top right "skip this ad" and reach the destination URL. easy, no?

You may know other shortening of links, as Ad fly. Personally, I do not much like the shortening of the bee, because it is too invasive for my taste, but you can try it also. You choose the best for your website. In terms of rates, there is no color: with the shortening of the Ninja, you will earn much more than with the shortening of the bee, at least in my experience. You can try it for a week.

Shorte st. How it works? Can I use it on Twitter, Facebook, on my blog?

You can use Shorte st in social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google, and any social network) and also to your blog or website. You have several options to monetize your content and links:

  • MASS SHRINKER: If you are a user of Twitter, Facebook, Google and other social networks, and many followers interact with you, you can shorten URLs and when your followers click your link, you earn money. Includes all the URLs that you want, and Shorte st shorten all your links. Each click is for Pocket money.
  • WEBSITE MONETIZATION: If you have a blog, a website or a forum, you can generate your own script with all the options that you would like to use. Only there to choose options that you want to use and click "generate script". You have many options:
      • You can exclude a list of domains (for example, your own website)
      • Entry script: If your website, forum or blog has many visitors, but few external links, you can also win money. Why? Because Shorte st monetize your traffic. Each time that a user enters, Entry Script shows an intermediate page for every visitor.
      • Exit Script: It is monetizing your bounce rate. Advertising is shown only to visitors that they decide to abandon your page in a few seconds with the use of the button "return to previous page". Whenever someone wants to go back and see the page buffer, you earn money.
      • Frequency control: You can adjust the limit of impressions of advertising by user and time, not to bore your users.
      • Time out: You set the time in seconds that lasts advertising.

  • SOCIAL SHARE WIDGET: You can monetize the buttons share social networking at your website. Place Social Share Widget on the web and all clicks on buttons to share to social networks pass through the Shortener.
  • WORDPRESS PLUGIN: is based on the advertising network of Shorte st  and don't need a banner, or pop-up windows. Very clean monetization.
  • EARN ON BLOGSPOT COMMENTS: complement that monetize the comments from Blogger.

  • Shorte st. Proof of payment

    Shorte st pay, and quite well. I charge every month, and the rates are quite good: If you have traffic from Spain, round the $ 1.01 per thousand visits. If you have traffic from USA and UK as Anglo-Saxon countries, the rate rises considerably, as well as visits to Germany, Holland, France... Latin America is something worse paid, but it is the very best I know.

    Shorte st automatically pay the 10th day of each month. Minimum charge is $5 for PayPal and $20 by Payoneer. What I like most, is that there are no charges to receive money through PayPal. 

    You can see proof of payment, of September 2014: payment proof prueba de pago


    Shorte st  is a serious agency, with rates more than correct, that pays promptly, and that allows you to monetize your links without techniques too invasive. What are you waiting for to try it?

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